White Pepper

White Pepper

whole white pepper

Whole white pepper (Piper nigrum), is locally sourced from the same plant as black pepper but is processed differently. In contrast to black pepper, after the fully ripen peppercorns have been harvested, the berries are left to soak in the water for fermentation. Then, the outer layer is peeled off and the produce is dried completely leaving the seed inside. Due to the removal of the skin, a bit of flavor leaves with the piperine.  This causes it to be less ‘heaty’ than black pepper but contributes to the formation of complex undertones that impart an earthy, floral aroma. White pepper is also renowned for its healing properties and is used in traditional medicine.


White pepper is used extensively in the food and beverages industry due to its unique flavour and smell. It is often used in curries, soups, stews and baked goods as well as in confectionary items such as biscuits, chips and other such as in tarts, pastries and more. Further, it is used in pickling spices and marinades, dressings and even in desserts due to its light peppery taste. Ground white pepper is mostly used in light colored foods, such as sauces and mostly in European cuisine in cream soups and mayonnaise when dark particles are undesirable. Due to the appeal it gives the eyes, it is also used in Chinese, Swedish, Thai and Vietnamese dishes.


It is also used in nutraceutical for its health benefits such as general digestive aid due to its aromatic, stimulant and carminative effects. It is widely used in the fragrance industry due to its essential oil components. It is also used in soaps and shampoos due to its efficacy.


White Pepper is available in Packaging: 20Kg net 5 Ply corrugated carton. Other sizes available upon request


Container Loadability : 1 X 20’FCL – 9 MT



सफेद मिर्च – White pepper


सफेद मिर्च (Piper nigrum), स्थानीय रूप से उसी पौधे से प्राप्त की जाती है जिससे काली मिर्च प्राप्त की जाती है, लेकिन इसे अलग तरीके से संसाधित किया जाता है। एक बार पेपरकॉर्न निकालने के बाद, बाहरी परत को छील दिया जाता है और उत्पाद को फरमेंट करने से पहले पूरी तरह से सुखा लिया जाता है। ऐसा करने से यह काली मिर्च की तुलना में कम ‘तीखा’ हो जाता है, लेकिन इससे एक जटिल मंद स्वाद मिलता है जो इसे एक मटियाली, फूलों जैसी महक देता है।

सफेद मिर्च अपने उपचारात्मक गुणों के लिए भी प्रसिद्ध है और इसका उपयोग पारंपरिक चिकित्सा में किया जाता है।


पैकेजिंग : 20 kg का कुल 5 प्लाई वाला नालीदार कार्टन। अनुरोध पर अन्य साइज़ उपलब्ध हैं।


कंटेनर लोडाबिलिटी : 1 X 20’एफसीएल – 9 एमटी



白胡椒 – White pepper





集装箱装载量:1 X 20尺柜集装箱 –9 MT(公吨)

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