Clove Bud Oil

Clove Bud Oil


clove bud essential oilClove bud gives rise to acclaimed Clove bud essential oil that is very popular in dental preparations, toothpaste, and even some candy. Composed mainly of the chemical component eugenol, it has the ability to cleanse the mouth whilst imparting a sharp, spicy aroma.  As a cooking spice, it is generally used in the making of desserts. Apart from these, it has a high antioxidant content. Additionally, some research even suggests that clove bud oil can support cardiovascular health.


Our essential oils are used in the manufacturing of soaps, cosmetics, tooth care products, pharmaceuticals, and many healthcare products. Our essential oil from CEIAL AGRO is sold across China, India, Gulf, Germany, France, Argentina, and North America.


Face Care – Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil to your toner or lotion and apply gently, which can be used to leave overnight for a natural face repair. 


Body care – Dilute the essential oil by 2-4% with a carrier oil of your choice, most preferred is extra virgin coconut oil, from and apply to your skin. sensitive or skin with acne may use fewer drops of the essential oils. These mix with a carrier oil, not only help heal your skin naturally but frequent uses can revive muscle aches and pains.

Application of diluted Essential Oil topically helps to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.


Aromatherapy – The essential oils can be mixed with other essential oils and diffuse for an enchanting blend. Can be used at the home, office, and even your vehicle. Add 4-5 drops of essential oil to your aroma diffuser for a soothing and relaxed feel of the surrounding, this also builds your nasal immunity and clears your respiratory tract.


Bath – Our essential oils are used in multiple bath bombs, soaps, in spa’s. Add 6-8 drops of essential oil in your bathtub with warm water, staying in this water will relax your muscles and rejuvenate your skin cells. 


Foot care – Works well for cracked and dry skin, adding 3-5 drops of our essential oil in a hot pan of water enough to soak the feet. Relives stress and promotes foot blood circulation.

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