Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake


Raw Vegan Coconut CakeRaw Vegan Coconut Cake is the by-product after the extraction of coconut oil, it is natural and is 100% from coconut meat. CEIAL AGRO provided coconut cake in variable colors, texture, and form as per the client’s specifications. Our current clientele includes biscuit, savory, snack manufacturing companies who require the coconut cake from the extra of extra virgin coconut oil.


CEIAL AGRO also provided coconut cake for the use of animal feed, the darker brown is exported as a feed with high fiber to manufacturers of animal food and other supplementary foods for cattle.


Our Raw Vegan Coconut Cake is gluten-free, can be used for products to manufacture keto and paleo-friendly products, and with its natural rich tropical flavor, it is used in multiple human snacks and food supplements.


Being manufacturers directly of coconut oil, extra virgin that’s cold-pressed, we are able to provide the coconut cake in the round, chips, or powdered form. With no additives or preservatives, is a great ingredient for industries in the FMCG manufacturing sector. We at CEIAL AGRO are suppliers and manufacturers of coconut oil, desiccated coconut, and other coconut-related by-products and coconut cake is available at all times of the year.


Coconut cake is an ideal source of healthy fat that contains no cholesterol and contains selenium (a mineral that helps the body produce enzymes, which enhance the immune system and thyroid functions), high fiber, copper, and manganese and Sri Lankan coconut cake is categorized as the best compared to Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam or India.


Our Coconut Cake is now a popular ingredient in many recipes worldwide and it is used as fillings or toppings in confectionery, cakes, cookies, flapjacks, snack bars, and other baked goods. It adds a distinctive flavor and texture to candy bars and other foods. CEIAL AGRO’s coconut cake is also commonly known as shredded coconuts, coconut flakes, crushed coconut, coconut powder, and coconut flour.


We also provide High and Low Fat Desiccated coconut in fine and medium form, CEIAL AGRO also provides cut coconut, coconut shreds, coconut flakes, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut milk powder, and coconut flour powder. 

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