About Us

Since its inception, CEIAL Agro has constantly strived to serve its customers with a wide range of premium products. Over the years, building a stealthy rapport with our customers has enabled us to gauge their essential requirements. It is this thorough understanding that has propelled us forward in becoming dedicated to spices and spice allied products; with the sole intention of specializing in the supply of whole spices and essential oils.

Needless to say, such a goal requires expertise, something that the management of CEIAL Agro draws from a wealth of experience in this sector. It is this expertise that brings products of excellent quality from the farms of Sri Lanka to the comforts of your table.

As much as we want the best for our customers, we also ensure that our suppliers will be benefitted. With time, we have come to understand that farmers generally supply to stockists who are then able to provide large quantities of produce to companies. Inevitably, this gives the collectors the power of price manipulation where they await stock depletion, giving them the opportunity to hike prices for what they have available, and quite unreasonably so. At CEIAL Agro, we believe it is only the right thing to do to prioritize the farmer community as one of our stakeholders. The main objective of CEIAL Agro is to connect with the farmers directly at grassroot level. By forming ‘’farmer clusters’’ in designated areas, we work closely with them in rural regions, ensuring that even the smallest quantity is purchased directly from the farmers themselves.

This novel method devised by our management ensures that prices will not waiver based on market value and thus, remains stable. Our skilled team of quality assurance executives work towards ensuring that quality of the product is never compromised, thereby always upholding the standards that the company is built upon. This includes the professionalism in the lead times that we have maintained over the years, always delivering the products within the time frame stated by the customer. This, in turn, is facilitated by our in-house plant for procurement, processing and packaging.

CEIAL Agro was birthed with the dream of powering a stable and prosperous community, where everyone involved is benefitted. By tapping into essential oils sourced from spices of superior standards, we maintain our vision to cater to our customer’s growing needs, in the best possible manner. This is why we choose to remain essentially true to our standards. Essentially for you!

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