Whole Nutmeg

Whole Nutmeg, a spice that comes from the tree Myristica fragrans, is used as a food addition that acts as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ to boost the taste in dishes with its intense flavor. It is well-known for its medicinal properties and can be used as an antimicrobial agent. Also rich in essential oils and vitamins, nutmeg is used to aid digestion and boost skin and oral health.


Whole Nutmeg is used in the food and beverages industry due to its strong flavor and smell with a range of health benefits. It is used in bakery and confectionary products as well as in beverages ranging from tea to coffee. It is used to process jams and jellies, candies and others. Nutmeg essential oil is often used in the pharmaceuticals and perfume industry.


Due to its pharmacological properties such as containing anti-bacterial properties especially the nutmeg oil known as herbal medicine, it is used to treat oral problems such as cavities, bleeding gums, toothache and bad breath. Thus, it is used in dental products such as toothpaste, mouth fresheners and as oils. It is also used in syrups, balms and sprays for aromatherapy for better mood and drive away depression, taking the name as the ‘king of spices’ in the pharmaceutical industry.


Furthermore, nutmeg is used in the personal care and cosmetics industry such as in soaps, lotions, body butters, hair shampoos, lip balms and also the nutmeg oil is used for skin and hair applications. It

The grades available are ABCD, No.1, FAQ ( Without shell), BWP , FAQ, No.1 ( With shell) (Regular , Steam Sterilized)


Nutmeg is available in standard packing in new single jute bags of 50Kg net each. Other sizes available upon request. Container Loadability is 1 X 20’FCL – 10 MT. 


Container Loadability : 1 X 20’FCL – 10 MT



जायफल – Nutmeg


जायफल, एक मसाला जो Myristicafragrans पेड़ से आता है, को फूड एडिशन के रूप में इस्तेमाल किया जाता है जो अपनी तेज महक से पकवानों का स्वाद बढ़ाने में एक ‘पिक-मी-अप’ की तरह काम करता है। यह अपने औषधीय गुणों के लिए भी जाना जाता है और इसका उपयोग रोगाणुरोधी एजेंट के रूप में किया जा सकता है। गंध तेलों और विटामिनों से भरपूर, जायफल का उपयोग पाचन में सहायता करने और त्वचा और मुंह के स्वास्थ्य को बढ़ाने के लिए किया जाता है।


ग्रेड्स : एबीसीडी , नं. 1, एफएक्यू ( छिलके के बिना)

बीडब्ल्यूपी , एफएक्यू, नं. 1 ( छिलके के साथ)

(नियमित , भांप से कीटाणुशोधित)


पैकेजिंग : प्रत्येक कुल 50 kg के नए सिंगल जूट बैग में मानक पैकिंग। अनुरोध पर अन्य साइज़ उपलब्ध हैं।


कंटेनर लोडाबिलिटी : 1 X 20’एफसीएल – 10 एमटी



肉豆蔻 – Nutmeg




分级: ABCD , No.1, FAQ ( 已去皮)

                 BWP , FAQ , No.1 (未去皮)




集装箱装载量:1 X 20尺柜集装箱 –10 MT(公吨)

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